The Finesse® liposuction system from POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics consists of an irrigation pump and a range of precision instruments.

The Finesse® irrigation pump allows the surgeon a controlled administration of infiltration solutions before starting the liposuction process. The irrigation solutions are conveyed via an easy-to-use peristaltic pump head. The pump is footswitch operated, and the clear design warrants for convenient operation and precise control.

The Finesse® instruments are designed for the syringe technique as well as for the pump-assisted liposuction.

  • There are two ergonomic handpieces, one with a valve and another with a thumb-controlled vacuum. On these handpieces, cannulas can be exchanged without loss of vacuum and therefore without loss of time.
  • The wide range of cannulas offers the optimal choice for a broad variety of indications. The easy-to-use snap-lock allows to utilize of all cannulas for pump and syringe assisted liposuction.

For more information on the Finesse system pls. download the product leaflets of the Finesse Irrigation Pump (PDF) and the Finesse Liposuction System (PDF) .  


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